Allison Wentworth Ross

Empathy Advocate & Marketing Innovator


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This is where vibrational marketing offers a shift from conventional sales and marketing approaches. While traditional methods rely on showcasing content, credentials, skills, and testimonials to convert strangers into followers, followers into prospects, and prospects into customers, vibrational marketing operates on a different wavelength—quite literally. It’s about establishing an energetic connection at a higher level of consciousness. It’s marketing from the violet zone.

Why the violet zone? Because your energy speaks volumes. When you tackle problems by doing and thinking from within the confines of your self-limiting beliefs, life tends to respond with people and situations that reinforce those very limitations.

Typically, this is the space for listing my credentials, skills, and accolades to earn your trust and confidence.

So here it goes… I’m a writer, editor, marketer, author, course creator, web designer, HeartMath coach, Journey practitioner, Law of Attraction coach, vibrational marketing mentor, university graduate, empathy advocate, and marketing innovator with twenty years of experience serving entrepreneurs. Paperwork and testimonials are available upon request.

This doesn’t tell you anything about me, does it? That’s really the point. Marketing should be about me understanding you and how I can meet you wherever you are on your path.

Hence the quiz. Does your profile resonate? My approach to marketing is placing you – the person my heart feels called to serve – at the core of all that I do. One of my deepest learnings of the past 12 months was understanding you. Using a formula, I can now help you gain that same clarity in three simple steps.

So what I’ve done, instead, is create a process that incorporates my credentials, skills, and accolades into actionable steps for finding your violet zone from wherever you are on the scale.

It all begins with a simple, powerful formula:

Vibrational Impact = Clarity × Energy × Reach

If you’re crystal clear on who you want to serve, and you raise your vibration to where they already exist, you magnify your reach and maximise your vibrational impact. You become a channel for pure source energy to flow through you and life responds accordingly.

Over the past year, I’ve been sharing this formula with a select group of heart-led solo entrepreneurs eager to explore a more holistic approach to marketing.

Initially, there was no formula! Just a spirited group of somewhat rebellious entrepreneurs willing to pioneer vibrational marketing. After various iterations, trials, triumphs, and tribulations, I am excited to be opening up the training, tools, and techniques as the flagship program of the Vibrational Marketing Institute.

The outcome of the 1-year program is a personalised, interactive, engagement tool just like this one with your own three questions and unique 27 personalised results. I’ll be right there in the trenches with you as we strategise, plan, and execute from start to finish. The added bonus is that from day 1, you’ll be stepping into the vibration where your marketing goals are already manifested. That’s where the magic happens.

The program follows the formula: Vibrational Impact = Clarity x Energy x Reach

Step by step, you gain clarity from a higher consciousness as you connect soul to soul with those you are destined to serve. This naturally expands your reach and increases your vibrational impact. As your impact grows, so does your magnetism for abundance.


Using the Three Levels Deep method, you’ll gain deep insight into the 27 versions of the people you’re destined to serve as you contribute to abundance for all on the planet.


As a HeartMath coach, Journey practitioner, and Law of Attraction coach, I integrate quantum physics, neuroscience, and metaphysics to help you raise your vibration.

In addition, the Vibrational Marketing Institute has a growing list of associates who help entrepreneurs solve their business problems on a quantum level. Through their free and paid workshops, you’ll remain at the leading edge of conscious marketing.


As we simultaneously create your content strategy while you gain clarity and raise your vibration, you grow your energetic reach as well as your online presence.  This is where my inner geek kicks… I’ve created platforms, templates, and ready-to-go mini-websites to make your life easier.

In addition to the tools, templates, and done-for-you’s, there is live support and WhatsApp support.


  • You’ll have monthly private mentorship with me where we implement  ‘clarity x energy x reach.’ That’s 12 hours of us time.
  • Every Monday at 6pm GMT, I open my meeting room to the group for speed mentoring. That’s 26 hours.

In total, we spend up to 38 hours together over the 12 months to keep you on track.


Via private messaging and our inner circle group, you have access to group help at the touch of a button.

Given the time, IP, tools, and templates, the program is valued at $2,100 over 12 months. I have a special offer for those who join at the start.

An official launch date is set for 1 May 2024. If this resonates, please book a time for us to connect. 

Do you help entrepreneurs solve their business problems on a quantum, energetic, or spiritual level? I’m currently creating a list of affiliates to help support our members.

If this resonates, please schedule some time to chat about how we could collaborate.

I understand that a year’s commitment is a very long time! We can take it step by step. The first session is $120 where we come up with a plan.

Let’s chat about my custom options.